Public Policy Committee Spotlight: Workplace and Product Safety

June 1, 2017

ABI’s five public policy committees will meet in August to set priorities for the 2018 legislative session. Watch for profiles on each committee in the coming weeks to learn more about the mission and purview of each one.

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Workplace and Product Safety
Mission Statement: It is in the best interest of Iowa businesses to have safe workplaces and make safe products. ABI members are nationally recognized for their workplace safety programs and products because of employers’ cost-effective results in the areas of occupational safety, workers’ compensation and product safety. 

Current Chair: Rex Butler of CIPCO

Issues handled by this committee:
        Workers’ Compensation
        Workplace safety, including OSHA, safety audits, and drug testing
        Tort Reform, including products liability and damages

Recent Successes: ABI ushered through historic workers’ compensation reform during the 2017 legislative session, accomplishing many of the workers’ compensation reforms on the committee’s agenda. This resulted in $39 million in workers’ compensation premium savings for Iowa employers.

Next Meeting: Looking to 2018, the committee will need to revamp its policies and direction for the future. Hear from the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner Joe Cortese. The committee meets on August 16. Click here to sign up.