Water quality proposals advance

April 20, 2017

The House and Senate both advanced legislation this week to implement Iowa’s nutrient reduction strategy. The Senate on Wednesday passed SF 512 by a vote of 31-19, which allocates money to point and non-point sources to implement initiatives that will reduce nutrients in Iowa’s waters. The House Appropriations Committee passed HF 612 and the bill is on the House debate calendar and we expect debate on the House floor on water quality soon.

The House version has a grant and revolving loan program that will allow both point and non-point sources, including industry, to take advantage of funding for collaborative nutrient reduction projects. ABI is registered in favor of the House bill and undecided on the Senate bill.

The funding mechanisms in both the House and Senate versions were changed to eliminate any RIIF appropriations. Both utilize the existing sales tax on water, convert it over time to an excise tax to fund water quality initiatives in the respective bills. The Senate bill also includes future funding from the Vision Iowa Fund for non-point source projects.