Parking Lot Firearm and Adoption Legislation Advance

February 28, 2019

Late this afternoon, the House Public Safety Committee passed HF 259 on an 11-9 party-line vote. The legislation, among several other things, prevents employers from establishing a policy that prohibits employees from storing a firearm and ammunition in a locked vehicle. The bill was amended to accept some of ABI’s proposed changes, but there were other issues proposed that were not accepted. The bill will receive a new number and be eligible for debate as soon as next week.

The Senate Judiciary Committee took up similar legislation, SF 213, that would essentially do the same thing as HF 259 as it relates to private employer parking lots. There was an amendment to include the liability language in the House bill. The bill passed the Senate Committee with only one no vote, Senator Minority Leader Janet Petersen (D-Des Moines).

On Thursday, members of a Senator Labor Committee also passed SSB 1204, which states employers of any size that offer a maternity leave policy must offer the same policy to a parent who chooses to adopt within the first year of adoption.

With only one week left until the first legislative funnel, there are several issues that affect employers that have advanced, and it is expected a few more will move through. If you have questions or feedback about pending legislation, contact Nicole Crain or Brad Hartkopf.