Member Support Needed to Stop Waterloo Ban the Box

November 14, 2019

As you have read in past ABI newsletters, we have opposed Waterloo’s ban the box ordinance as it conflicts with state law, is a mandate on all employers and increases the administrative burden for small and large employers during the hiring process. Now the ordinance has passed, we must take action to challenge it and ensure no other locality enacts policy that conflicts and exceeds the state law. We need your help to do that. If you are able to contribute to stop the ordinance, please click here. You will also receive a request in the mail in the coming weeks. We hope you agree this is a bad precedent for Iowa’s business climate and support an initiative to stop this bad-for-business policy. Contribute today. Consider a $1,000 business investment to stop this ordinance, which will cost employers thousands in compliance and litigation costs if allowed to advance. If you have questions about the ordinance or the Iowans for Jobs Initiative, please contact Nicole Crain.