Legislative Themes Include Bipartisanship, Workforce, Health Care and Rural Iowa

January 17, 2019

Leaders of the 88th General Assembly provided their opening remarks to members of the House and Senate on Monday, Jan. 14. During the remarks by legislative leadership, all agreed now was the time to govern. Speaker Upmeyer talked about workforce and investing and ensuring the vitality of rural Iowa. Majority Leader Hagenow talked about Future Ready Iowa and expanding the freedoms of Iowans. Speaker Pro-Tem Matt Windschitl spoke about the body working together and providing more opportunities for Iowans, and Minority Leader Prichard talked about workforce and making changes to healthcare. In the Senate, President Schneider spoke about the need to reduce the tax burden Iowans face, specifically property taxes, and that regulations and job licensing requirements can go too far. Majority Leader Whitver spoke about the successes of the last general assembly and how they will continue to look for ways to build the workforce, reduce the tax burden and government dependence. Minority Leader Janet Petersen provided remarks on legislation to address sexual harassment and expanding voter rights. Read their full remarks below: