Iowa Senate majority announces committee assignments

December 1, 2016

Iowa Senate Majority Leader Bill Dix (R-Shell Rock) released committee assignments for the 2017 legislative session. ABI looks forward to working with the new committee chairs to advance pro-jobs policies for the state of Iowa.

One item of interest is the Economic Growth Committee has been eliminated. The release from Sen. Dix's office stated, "Every Iowa Senate committee is charged with moving forward legislation that will foster economic growth in this state. An Economic Growth Committee is redundant and unnecessary and as such, it will be eliminated."

Key committee assignments relevant to ABI and its 2017 legislative agenda include: Ways and Means - Sen. Randy Feenstra - Chair; Sen. Jerry Behn - Vice Chair

Commerce - Sen. Bill Anderson - Chair; Sen. Mike Breitbach - Vice Chair
Judiciary - Sen. Brad Zaun - Chair; Sen. Dan Dawson - Vice Chair
Labor and Business Relations - Sen. Jason Schultz - Chair; Sen. Brad Zaun - Vice Chair
Administrative Rules Review - Sen. Mark Chelgren - Chair; Sen. Jack Whitver - Vice Chair
Appropriations - Sen. Charles Schneider - Chair; Sen. Tim Kraayenbrink - Vice Chair 

The other committee assignments include:

Agriculture - Sen. Dan Zumbach - Chair; Sen. Waylon Brown - Vice Chair
Education - Sen. Amy Sinclair - Chair; Sen. Jeff Edler - Vice Chair
Ethics - Sen. Jerry Behn - Chair; Sen. Dennis Guth - Vice Chair
Government Oversight - Sen. Mike Breitbach - Chair; Sen. Amy Sinclair - Vice Chair
Human Resources - Sen. Mark Segebart - Chair; Sen. Mark Costello - Vice Chair
Local Government - Sen. Julian Garrett - Chair; Sen. Mark Lofgren - Vice Chair
Natural Resources - Sen. Ken Rozenboom - Chair; Sen. Tom Shipley - Vice Chair
Rules and Administration - Sen. Bill Dix - Chair; Sen. Jack Whitver - Vice Chair
State Government - Sen. Roby Smith - Chair; Sen. Jake Chapman - Vice Chair
Transportation - Sen. Tim Kapucian - Chair; Sen. Mike Breitbach - Vice Chair
Veterans Affairs - Sen. Mark Costello - Chair; Sen. Ken Rozenboom - Vice Chair      

You will have the opportunity to meet many of the Senators above at the 2017 ABI Legislative Briefing and Reception which will be held on Wednesday, Jan. 11. Click here to learn more and to register. For the full list of ABI's 2017 legislative priorities, click here.