Highlights of SSB 1123: Government Reorganization

February 9, 2023

During the Condition of the State address Governor Reynolds outlined her goal of government reorganization. The state last looked at streamlining the government in 1986. Think how much your business has changed since that time and you understand that government realignment is overdue. Governor Reynolds' goal fits well with ABI’s regulatory reform focus and we stand ready, with the expertise of members to assist in ensuring state agencies better serve the public. The Governor’s legislation, more than 1,500 pages, can be found in SSB 1123.

Highlights include:

  • Changing Senate confirmation requirements from ⅔ to ⅗
  • Review of all boards and commissions
  • Transfers job training, intermediary network and apprenticeships from Dept of Ed or Iowa Econ Dev Authority to Iowa Workforce
  • Makes changes to when Attorney General may employ private legal counsel
  • Changes the Workers’ Compensation Commissioner to serve at the pleasure of Governor and not a six year term, and moves division to Dept of Inspections and Appeals
  • Changes the Labor Commissioner to serve at pleasure of Governor and not a six-year term, and moves the duties of Labor Commissioner to Department of Inspections and Appeals
  • Duties of Labor Commissioner related to bidding preferences is transferred to Department of Administrative Services
  • Moves several licensing professions from Commerce to Dept of Inspections and Appeals
  • Moves Civil Rights Commission to Department of Inspections and Appeals

Importantly, the Department of Management estimates the savings achieved by the reorganization at $214 million over four years.