HF 2198 - Minimum Age at Child Care Centers & Child Care Ratios

April 29, 2022

Another bill that is awaiting Gov. Reynolds’ signature is HF 2198, which combines two pieces of legislation tied to child care into one. First, it directs the Iowa Dept. of Human Services to amend its administrative rules to provide that employees and substitutes working at child care centers who are 16 years old or older can provide child care without additional supervision.

Second, it adds language from another bill that stemmed from a recommendation provided by the Governor’s Child Care Task Force. It would amend child care center staff ratios to allow for one child care worker for every seven (7) kids who are under two (2) years old. It would also allow for a ratio of one child care worker for every 10 kids who are at least three (3) years old. The change simply gives child care facilities the option to implement these ratios as they are voluntary, not mandatory.

The bill passed the Iowa Senate last week 30-18 and the Iowa House 52-42.