Federal Spotlight: Trump Issues Executive Order Focused on Job Training

July 26, 2018

President Trump signed an executive order last week that creates two new entities aimed at expanding job training and apprenticeship opportunities for American workers. The National Council for the American Worker will be comprised of 10 federal officials who will create recommendations aimed at developing “a national strategy for empowering American workers.” The American Workforce Policy Advisory Board will be made up of the secretary of commerce and an advisor to the president. It will also include 25 other members appointed by the president, which will include private employers, representatives from states and leaders from educational institutions.

Some of the key goals of the initiative are to develop a national campaign to raise awareness of workforce issues, expand the number of apprenticeships, and encourage increased investment in training and retraining American workers. ABI members can join this effort by signing a pledge to support American workers. If you are interested in learning more and signing the pledge, please contact Mike Ralston. You can read more here.