Federal Spotlight: Sanders Suspends Bid for Democratic Nomination

April 9, 2020

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced on Wednesday that he was ending his presidential campaign for the Democractic nomination. This move all but ensures that former Vice President Joe Biden will be the Democrats’ nominee to challenge President Trump in November. Sanders, who won two of the first three nominating contests, also ran for the Democratic nomination in 2016 against eventual nominee Hillary Clinton. The shape of the race really changed after the South Carolina primary, which Biden won by a vast margin. Several moderate candidates dropped out of the race following the result and endorsed Biden. With Biden winning a number of states on Super Tuesday and now with the coronavirus delaying other primaries, there was little to no path for Sanders to become the nominee. The Democractic National Convention is set to take place in August in Milwaukee where Democrats will formally nominate their candidate for the general election.