Federal Spotlight: More Candidates Wade Into the Presidential Race

November 14, 2019

We’re just over two months out from the Iowa caucuses, but that hasn't stopped multiple candidates on the Democratic side from jumping into the fray. Today, former two-term Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick officially announced he is running for president. Patrick, 63, and the first African-American elected governor of Massachusetts, released a YouTube video this morning proclaiming his candidacy. He is also a close ally of former President Obama. His entry follows that of former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision to file for primaries though he has not officially declared a run. Bloomberg, a former Republican turned Independent turned Democrat, is a multi-billionaire with well-established name identification. You can expect both Patrick and Bloomberg to seek a space in the center-left lane of the Democractic primary that is currently mostly occupied by former Vice President Joe Biden. The next Democratic debate will take place on Wednesday, November 20 in Atlanta.