Federal Spotlight: Governor Branstad one step closer to China

May 4, 2017

Gov. Terry Branstad traveled to Washington this week for a committee hearing concerning his nomination as U.S Ambassador to China. On Tuesday, he sat in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee where members asked a wide range of questions concerning the topics of North Korea, trade, human rights, intellectual property theft, and opioid shipments from China. The two hour hearing went well for the governor as he received praise from senators on both sides of the aisle for his knowledge about the issues currently facing U.S-China relations.

Gov. Branstad’s history with China goes back to 1985 when Xi Jinping and others from a Chinese delegation visited Iowa. Xi is now the President of China. Their strong relationship has fostered good trade deals that are vital for Iowa’s economy. The committee could vote as early as next week to advance his nomination to the full Senate. It is expected to take several weeks before the Senate votes. Read more about the hearing here. Click here to read Gov. Branstad’s comments to the committee.

With the confirmation of Gov. Branstad nearing, the transition for Lt. Gov. Reynolds to become Iowa’s first female governor is receiving increased attention. After Iowa’s Attorney General Tom Miller stated in December 2016 the Lt. Gov. would be able to appoint a new Lt. Gov., he reversed course this week and stated that she cannot appoint a new Lt. Governor. This new information raises some questions as to what will happen next.

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