Federal Spotlight: ABI a Key Signatory of Manufacturer’s letter to President Biden

June 24, 2022

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry started as a manufacturing association over a century ago and representing Iowa manufacturers at the state and federal level is a key priority of ABI. We represent our members at the national level through the Conference of State Manufacturing Associations (COSMA). 

This week ABI President Mike Ralston signed on to a COSMA letter to President Biden urging the President to take steps to do more to  secure energy supply, including the transmission initiatives included in the recent industry-supported Infrastructure and Jobs Act which will assist power grid reliability. Signatories also called for the Administration to use its own Permitting Action Plan to streamline permitting of all sources of energy production and mineral extraction to aid both renewable and traditional sources of energy.

While high gas prices have dominated the news in energy, warnings of rolling blackouts in electric markets and the further electrification of the transportation sector highlight the need for action to support electric generation and delivery.  The tools are there. A path can be taken to increase supply and reliability using laws that have already been passed and regulatory processes that have been adopted by the Biden Administration.  The COSMA letter is a call to use these tools for a more secure energy future.