Federal Spotlight – $1.3 Trillion Dollar Omnibus Bill Announced

March 22, 2018

Congressional leaders unveiled the details of a $1.3 trillion dollar omnibus spending package late on Wednesday. The 2,253-page bill is set to fund the government through the end of September, which would be the end of the 2018 fiscal year for the federal government. The deal was announced just two days before the government was set to shut down because of a lack of appropriations. The House passed the legislation on Thursday afternoon by a vote of 256-167. The Senate could take up the bill as early as this evening.

Both parties are claiming victory, as the bill will vastly increase both defense and domestic spending. The measure contains several provisions, including increased spending on apprenticeships and career and technical education programs, infrastructure, border security and fighting the opioid epidemic.

This bill also includes a fix for the unintended consequences of Section 199A of the tax reform bill that was recently signed into law. Congressman David Young played a key role in leading a group of 85 House members in making sure this provision was added into the omnibus bill. Read the press release.

The legislation does not contain provisions addressing DACA or Affordable Care Act subsidies. It’s likely this will be the last major bill Congress passes before midterm elections in November.