Environmental policy update

May 5, 2016

ABI has been working on two water issues with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources. One issue involves an unfavorable court ruling that puts the State’s current antidegradation policy and process into question. ABI along with the Iowa League of Cities and the Iowa Association of Municipal Utilities has submitted to the DNR a petition for rulemaking to clarify the rule.

In addition, ABI has recently engaged on the draft general permit #9 for Discharge from Dewatering, which proposes to permit the discharge of pollutants to surface waters of the State or to the land surface resulting from excavation dewatering from construction activity, or temporary groundwater dewatering to facilitate construction activity. ABI will be seeking clarifications on this proposed rule. During the interim, ABI will also be keeping engaged in air quality and energy issues. 

For more information about environmental policy work, email Michelle Vollstedt to attend the ABI Environment Committee meeting on Monday, May 23.