Election Top Lines

November 17, 2022

Whitver Elected to Lead Senate Republicans; Sinclair is New Senate President

The Iowa Senate Republican Caucus convened last week and elected Jack Whitver to continue to serve as the Majority Leader in the upper chamber. Whitver, an attorney and small business owner, has served as Majority Leader since 2018. Before that, he served as Senate President.

Following the loss of former Senate President Jake Chapman last week, it was certain that the GOP would elect a new President for the 90th General Assembly. Republicans elevated Amy Sinclair of Allerton to that post. Sinclair, currently the Education Chair and previously Majority Whip, was first elected to the upper chamber in 2012. She recently spoke before the ABI Board of Directors in September. Both Whitver and Sinclair have been endorsed as Friends of Iowa Business many times and are strong allies of the business community.

Grassley and Windschitl Reelected to Top Spots in the House

The Iowa House Republicans also met last week and chose their respective leadership for the upcoming General Assembly. Pat Grassley of New Hartford was unanimously selected to continue serving as Speaker of the House while Matt Windschitl of Missouri Valley was re-elected to serve as Majority Leader of the lower chamber. Grassley and Windschitl were first elected to their positions following the 2019 legislative session. They’ve also been endorsed by the IIPAC Board as Friends of Iowa Business numerous times throughout their legislative careers and are pro-growth policymakers.

Also during last week’s meeting, John Wills of Spirit Lake was reelected to the position of Speaker Pro Tem and newcomer Henry Stone of Forest City was elected to serve as Majority Whip.

Konfrst Will Continue as House Minority Leader

Polk County legislator Jennifer Konfrst was re-elected by her peers in the Democrat House Caucus to lead them as House Minority Leader.  She is rejoined by Representative Lindsay James of Dubuque who was once again selected to serve as House Minority Whip. Following her selection to lead the caucus, Konfrst outlined several policy areas that included child care, affordable housing and lower taxes on working families that are compatable with policies established by the ABI Board of Directors.  ABI public policy staff will conduct meetings to determine areas where our groups can work together.  For reporting on Konfrst’s selection go here.

Governor’s COS Picked for National Post

Iowa Governor Reynold’s Chief of Staff, Sara Craig Gongol, made national news this week as she was selected by the country’s GOP governors to run the Republican Governors Association (RGA) for the next four years.  Craig Gongol’s deft handling of her responsibilities in the Governor’s office and leadership on Governor Reynold’s  reelection campaigns makes her a prized “get” for the RGA whose goal is to get more republican governors elected in the U.S.  For national reporting of the announcement click here.

Governor Reynolds Announces New Chief of Staff

Governor Kim Reynolds this week named Taryn Frideres as her new Chief of Staff.  The move elevates Taryn from her current post of Chief Operating Officer. Iowa politicos have known and enjoyed working with Frideres in that role and in her previous role as Chief Counsel to U.S. Senator Joni Ernst.  Read more for the full report.

New House Chairs Announced

House Speaker Pat Grassley announced committee chairs for the lower chamber earlier this week. Some members are returning as chairs, but there are plenty of new chairs as well given the November election results. Click here to view the list.