Committee Spotlight: Tax

July 13, 2017

Leading up to our ABI policy committee meetings in late summer, we will highlight each of ABI’s five policy committees, so you know more about the mission and purview of each. These committees steer the direction of ABI’s policy agenda each legislative session. To sign up for a public policy committee, email Dorothy Knowles, Click here to see all the upcoming committee meetings and to register.

Tax Committee Mission Statement: To advocate for changes in Iowa law that will lead to business growth in Iowa. ABI favors continued efforts to reduce the overall tax burden in Iowa. There is a need for consistency and stability in government taxation. Iowa must live within its means to deliver better quality service for less cost, be accountable and continue to operate under a  full accrual accounting basis. As guideposts for any tax system, ABI supports equity, simplicity, predictability, and government accountability.

Current Chair: Larry Countryman, Wilson Trailer

Issues handled by this committee:

  •         Income Tax
  •         Property Tax
  •         Tax credits
  •         Tax equity and simplification
  •         Government accountability and streamlining
  •         Sales Tax
  •         Federal Coupling

Recent successes: In 2016, ABI was successful in passing a much-needed simplification and clarification of the sales tax on consumable supplies. The legislation has resulted in tens of millions in savings for Iowa manufacturers.

Next meeting: Looking to 2018, the committee will examine its policies and direction for the future, and hear from Dave Roederer from the Department of Management on the status of the state budget. The meeting is set for August 21. Click here to sign up.