Candidates Talk Policy–What to Know about the 2020 Caucuses

May 9, 2019

Iowans are used to the flood of candidates prior to the caucuses every four years. As voters and business leaders, it’s vital to understand the effects of candidates’ specific policy proposals on your business. Just this week, presidential hopeful Beto O'Rourke supported a “federal fair share law” while speaking in Des Moines. This policy would give unions the ability to force nonunion members to pay dues or fees regardless of whether they are members of the union. ABI has long opposed any efforts to eliminate Iowa’s Right to Work law, and this is an example of why it is important to know where candidates stand on issues that would impact Iowa employers and employees.

ABI, in partnership with BIPAC, through now has the 2020 Caucus Toolkit LIVE. The toolkit includes caucus tutorials for both parties, a caucus glossary and a list of actions employers can do to encourage caucus participation. As candidates continue to visit Iowa, you can find if they will be in a community near you by checking out the Des Moines Register’s candidate tracker.  Although the caucuses are still more than nine months away, it is never too early to start learning more about the candidates.