ATRA Survey Shows Support for Small Business Relief

November 19, 2020

The American Tort Reform Association (ATRA), a national partner of ABI, released a survey on Tuesday that shows a solid majority of both Republicans and Democrats support continued relief for small businesses and others affected by the pandemic. Key findings of the survey show that 78% of respondents said the government should support small businesses affected by COVID-19 with grants or loans versus 7% who said lawyers should help small businesses pursue legal claims instead. 63% of respondents agree that elected officials should aid those harmed by the pandemic, rather than by trial lawyers. This is very positive news as Congress continues to debate another COVID-19 relief package, which could include liability protections for businesses nationwide. The aforementioned issue has already been taken care of in Iowa with ABI successfully spearheading a robust set of liability for protections for businesses and others during the 2020 legislative session. You can view the survey here.