ABI Releases 2019 Legislative Key Vote Records

August 8, 2019

The results are in, and the 2019 legislative vote records have been unveiled. ABI is pleased to announce 48 legislators in the Iowa House and Senate earned a 100% perfect record with the organization, and a total of 82 legislators had at least a 90% pro-jobs voting record. The voting records include a description of the bill and how each legislator voted. Highlights of some of the key votes include workers’ compensation idiopathic falls, Empower Rural Iowa, Future Ready Iowa funding and electronic notary. All but one of the bills scored by the business community had bipartisan support in at least one chamber. Overall, it was another great year for the business community as ABI secured passage and Gov. Reynolds signed into law 12 pieces of legislation that will continue to enhance Iowa’s business climate.

The vote records are a helpful tool to educate ABI members and Iowans about the position of your state legislator on key bills that affect employers and employees. Vote records are also one factor ABI’s PAC board uses to determine IIPAC Friend of Iowa Business endorsements. To view the vote records for all Iowa House and Senate members go to Iowa State Vote Records and then select the option 88th General Assembly. You can also fill in your address under the My Government tab, and your elected officials and vote records will come up.