The Crucial Role of ABI's Political Action Committee and Why You Should Contribute

February 2, 2024 | Mike Ralston, President, ABI

You and your employees should care about --and contribute to -- ABI's political action committee.

Members invest in ABI for many reasons. ABI works hard to provide programs and services that address those reasons, one of which is ABI's public policy advocacy. Since its establishment over a century ago, one of ABI's core missions has been to advocate for policy that helps Iowa businesses thrive.

 As part of those advocacy efforts, ABI employs several key components, which can be found in any effective public policy advocacy program: engaged members, excellent lobbyists, grass-roots organizing tools, and other resources.

All of these components work together to help us positively tell ABI's story and advance the agenda set by members. One key resource is ABI's PAC, the Iowa Industry Political Action Committee.

No statewide organization has a better record of supporting pro-business candidates (of BOTH parties) than ABI.

While many organizations typically back candidates from a single party, ABI distinguishes itself by its members providing support to candidates from both parties.There are some who erroneously say that ABI supports Republicans only. That is simply not true. And I don't mean ABI supports a token Democrat here or there. IIPAC has made tough decisions and supported Democrats in tough races because that was the right thing to do.

There are others who lament PACs and their existence. That is simply not productive. As long as the current system calls for political action committees, ABI better have a PAC and better play in legislative races.

Why am I telling you this? Because our focus on the many things ABI does has perhaps led to a decline of an emphasis on IIPAC. That isn't right, and it isn't in your best interest. YOU SHOULD CONTRIBUTE TO IIPAC.

Supporting pro-business officials and candidates is good for Iowa and good for your business.

After my years with ABI, you know that my focus is on the members.  Because of that, I am not comfortable talking about myself. But it is important to me that you know that I am not just urging you to contribute; I contribute, too. I annually donate $1,500 to IIPAC. I also donate directly to pro-business candidates, but IIPAC is the single largest political donation I make every year. I know it is a wise investment. I know it is good for me and my family and for businesses all across Iowa.

By the way, other ABI staff members also donate to IIPAC. You and your employees should donate, too.

 Give today. Do it for Iowa...and for your business.