Pandemic Shows Value of Buy ABI Program

June 4, 2020 | David Hildahl

David Hildahl, Marketing Manager, ABI

The Buy ABI affinity program has always been a valuable benefit for members. 

(If you’re among those who save hundreds or thousands of dollars on business products and services annually through the program, you know what I mean.)

The program has proven even more valuable during the pandemic. Here are a few examples:

The safety of your employees has never been more important. To combat COVID-19, Cedar Ridge Distillery and Mississippi River Distilling Company both offer a 20% discount on one-gallon jugs of bulk hand sanitizer, with quarts, drums and totes also available at discounted prices. And Storey Kenworthy has continued to provide in-demand cleaners and disinfectants, along with all kinds of office supplies, to members at significant cost savings.

It can be challenging to stay in compliance in the rapidly changing world of employment laws and regulations. HRsimple added new chapters to its digital Iowa Human Resources Library on COVID-19 in the workplace—from required signage to telecommuting policy to handling pandemics and communicable diseases in the workplace.

When COVID-19 started spreading, commercial travel was almost completely halted. Exec 1 Aviation expanded its clientele from business travelers to personal and medical trips. The private jet charter helped people get home to their families and flew clients to assist with virus relief across the country.

With a COVID-19 vaccine unavailable and social distancing still recommended, online classes are an extra attractive option. Upper Iowa University provides tuition grants to ABI members, spouses and their dependent children. While online classes aren’t new to UIU, they’re more relevant than ever.

Bottom line—figuratively and literally–there’s never been a better time to see how your business can benefit from the Buy ABI program.

Thank you to all of our Buy ABI program partners, who also include:

  • Business Record Iowa (advertising)
  • EMC Insurance (insurance for manufacturers)
  • Ideal Energy (energy solutions)
  • JM Tax Advocates (property tax/incentives advocacy)
  • (compensation data, software, consulting and education)
  • Tero International (training and development)
  • UPS (shipping services)
  • The Vernon Company (promotional products and graphics)