Do You Want to Provide a Safer Vending Experience for Your Employees?

April 15, 2021 | Federal Machine

Did you know public, high-touch surfaces such as touch screens and buttons on vending machines are breeding grounds for germs?  In fact, according to a WebMD article on public hotspots for germs, tests on touch screens at eight fast-food restaurants found bacteria such as staphylococcus.

Sanitize high-touch surfaces on vending equipment with UVC light

Federal Machine's groundbreaking UV light sanitization technology, UVend Technology, makes the high-touch surfaces - the keypad and delivery door - on vending equipment safer.  This new, patent-pending technology quickly and safely kills or inactivates 99.9% of some of the most common viruses and bacteria, including influenza and the COVID-19 virus.    

UVend Technology utilizes the same UVC light sanitization technology that has been used for decades in healthcare organizations, schools, prisons, retailers and the transportation industry.   This hardware-mounted UVC germicidal irradiation light source uses light-emitting diodes. When activated, UVend shines down on the surface with a small dose of UVC resulting in a quick, safe sanitization of the high-touch areas on a vending machine. 

UVend Technology is a highly effective, safe sanitizing solution

Third-party accredited testing labs, including Iowa State University, verified the effectiveness of UVend on surface contamination and has reviewed the risk mitigation needed for a safe application of the product.  These studies helped determine optimal treatment times and verify UVend Technology’s efficacy rate, as well as the product safety. 

With employee safety being the top priority, UVend features an automated motion sensor that detects no presence in front of the machine before activating.  This ensures the machine’s high-touch surfaces are safely and quickly sanitized after almost every use.

The importance of continuous sanitization

Over the course of a day, there are many opportunities for germs and bacteria to get onto the machine’s high-touch surfaces. A study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) found the virus that causes COVID-19 can survive up to two to three days on plastic and stainless steel which are the two primary materials of the high-touch areas on vending machines. That’s why it is most effective to sanitize the equipment continuously with UVend Technology rather than relying solely on manual cleaning that is reliant on human behavior.

The importance of providing a safer vending experience

For many employers reducing absenteeism by even 10% would result in significant savings. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that productivity losses linked to absenteeism cost employers $1,685 per employee annually in the United States.

That’s why it is more important than ever to choose a vending service that can provide a safer vending experience for employees and customers.  Ensuring your vending machines are equipped with UVend Technology will give you peace of mind and the next level of protection for your employees and customers.

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