Countdown to #ABICON23 in Cedar Rapids

April 6, 2023 | Mike Ralston, ABI President

About 60 days from now, ABI will host its' 120th annual convention. Some years ago, to better reflect the changes and the growth that have taken place regarding this important event, the name of the annual convention was changed to the Taking Care of Business Conference.

Iowa's Taking Care of Business Conference gets bigger and better each year. If you want to add value for your business, there is simply no better place for you to be than at this meeting. The 2023 edition will be the best ever, with hundreds of people converging on Cedar Rapids June 13-15.

You can look forward to THREE excellent keynote speakers. I guarantee you'll hear inspiring remarks, learn about ways to improve your business, and even be entertained. In the meantime, find out more about these speakers here

As for other conference highlights, one is the region itself. Cedar Rapids is vastly different from ABI’s last visit several years ago. Vibrant shops, restaurants, bars, and attractions abound. Fantastic conference facilities, conference hotels, and gorgeous venues dot the area. 

Some of you come for golf. Well, conference attendees will enjoy golf at one of our state's great public courses, the totally rebuilt Ellis Golf Course. The club has been host to many state tournaments and championships and you will have the opportunity to play it by attending the conference.

As always, fantastic food, informative breakouts, and association programs will highlight the conference as well. But far and away the reason most folks attend, as you so often tell us, is for the very best business networking in Iowa. You can only get that at THIS conference. You can visit with other business professionals about issues you share. You can make new sales and generate new business. And you can simply enjoy meeting our state's very best business people. All of this is found at the ABI Taking Care of Business Conference and no place else.

If you haven't yet done so, be sure to visit the conference webpage. Here, you can register for the conference, find lodging recommendations, view the full agenda, and more. Make plans to bring your leadership team with you. 

On behalf of our ABI Chair Kim Augspurger and our ABI officers and conference committee members, I look forward to seeing you in Cedar Rapids June 13-15!