Building a Strong Foundation: Heart Health in the Construction Industry

April 11, 2024 | Scott Bleich, CEO, Hrtlnd Companies

In the construction industry, we often focus on the physical aspects of our work - the heavy lifting, the long hours, and the demanding tasks. But amidst the hustle and bustle of the job site, it's easy to overlook something equally important: our heart health. 

Just like the foundations of the buildings we erect; our hearts serve as the cornerstone of our well-being. Yet, statistics tell us that heart disease remains a leading cause of death in the construction industry. Consider this: the construction industry, with its demanding physical labor and often erratic schedules, can take a toll on our cardiovascular well-being.

HRTLND is guided by a core value that's dear to many of us in the construction industry: family. Our families are the cornerstone of our lives, the reason we strive for success and the ones who feel the impact of our health choices the most. And as a family, we look out for one another. That's why it's crucial for us to prioritize heart health, not just for ourselves, but for our loved ones who rely on us both on and off the job site.

So, what can we do to ensure our hearts are as strong as the structures we build?

KNOW YOUR NUMBERS: Regular check-ups with your healthcare provider can help you keep tabs on important factors like blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and weight. Knowing your numbers is the first step towards taking control of your heart health.

MOVE MORE, SIT LESS: Construction work often involves physical activity, but it's essential to stay active outside of work hours too. Whether it's going for a walk, hitting the gym, or finding a physical activity you enjoy, aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate exercise most days of the week. 

EAT WELL: A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins, and healthy fats can go a long way in supporting heart health. And don't forget to stay hydrated - especially when working in hot or humid conditions.

 MANAGE STRESS: Construction can be a high-pressure environment at times, but finding healthy ways to cope with stress is crucial for heart health. Whether it's through mindfulness, hobbies, or spending quality time with loved ones, make time to unwind and recharge.

WATCH FOR WARNING SIGNS: Chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, and dizziness are all potential signs of heart trouble. Don't ignore these symptoms - seek medical attention promptly if you experience them. 

By prioritizing our heart health, we not only safeguard our own well-being but also ensure that we're able to be there for our families when they need us most. After all, our core value as a company is family, and that extends far beyond the confines of the job site. 

So, let's continue to build a strong foundation - not just for the structures we construct, but for the health and well-being of every member of our HRTLND family.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and let's keep building together.

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