ABI Board, Staff Are Focused on You

November 1, 2018 | Mike Ralston

Mike Ralston, President, ABI

At ABI, it's all about the members. As an organization, there are two groups of people that help make sure that focus is at the forefront of everything we do.

It starts at the top, and it is the ABI Board of Directors that is responsible for the success experienced by ABI in recent years. The board takes seriously its charge to lead ABI to growth and even greater impact. Over the years, I can't tell you how many times a board member has asked if a particular decision would mean better service for members. That question, or a variation, really guides the board.

The board is large—it is comprised of 62 Iowa business leaders from all over our state. (In addition, former ABI Chairs remain board members for life.) The board is diverse—it includes representatives of privately held and publicly held companies, of large and small businesses, of manufacturing companies and other types of businesses.

Even with its size and diverse perspectives, however, the board is united. It is focused on advancing ABI members, serving business interests and growing economic opportunity for all Iowans. ABI Chair David Bywater of Bankers Advertising/Tru Art in Iowa City leads the board in making sure that focus is maintained.

The second group of individuals, to who I referred to in the first paragraph, is the ABI staff. Our staff is comprised of some incredibly talented professionals.

At the request of members and at the direction of the board, while working on hundreds of things, the ABI staff stays focused on three primary program areas. Public policy, member service and events, and ABI Foundation programs are at the center of ABI.

As with any organization that is 115 years old, ABI changes with the times. That change is reflected in the way the three program areas above are administered. Our members demand, and the board directs, the change you see to increase the effectiveness of ABI.

What will never change at ABI is its focus on serving members and providing value to you for the investment you make in our organization every year. That is because, at ABI, it's all about the members!

Mike Ralston is president at ABI. You may email him at mralston@iowaabi.org.