ABI Announces Promotions, Title Update and New Role

November 12, 2018

DES MOINES—The Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI), the state’s oldest and largest business association, is pleased to announce new staff promotions, a title update and a new role.

Three staff members—Becky Coady, Brad Hartkopf and Jessi Steward—have been promoted. David Hildahl has received an updated title, and Kay Neumann-Thomas has rejoined ABI in a new role.

“Becky, Brad, Jessi, David and Kay have helped grow ABI—and most importantly—served its members well,” said Mike Ralston, president at ABI. “They are an important part of our team, and the promotions, title update and new role reflect that.”

Becky Coady is now vice president, foundation. She was previously development director. Coady was hired with this transition in mind when she joined ABI in June. She leads development and organizational work with the ABI Foundation.

Brad Hartkopf is now director, public policy. He was previously coordinator, public policy. Hartkopf has served ABI members since 2017. He is one of three lobbyists at ABI who help educate legislators and officials on the importance of a pro-business climate in Iowa.

Jessi Steward is now director, programs for the ABI Foundation. She was previously marketing and programs coordinator for the foundation. Steward has served ABI members since 2014. ABI Foundation programs under her direction include Leadership Iowa for emerging and current leaders, Leadership Iowa for college students and Business Horizons for high school students.

David Hildahl is now communications manager. He was previously communications coordinator. Hildahl has served ABI members since 2017 and has had a successful career in marketing and public relations for over 20 years. He helps share ABI members’ news and expertise through ABI’s communication channels.

Kay Neumann-Thomas now focuses on alumni engagement for the ABI Foundation. She was previously vice president, programs, for the foundation. Neumann-Thomas retired from full-time employment in September after a successful 20-year career with the ABI Foundation. In November she transitioned into this newly created part-time role.