ABI Member Participation in Public Policy Key to Historic Successes

September 10, 2021 | Iowa's Ongoing Manufacturing Workforce Shortage Jack Hasken, ABI Chair, Jackson Mfg., Inc.,

Some of the most important work done by ABI each year relates to public policy. The most important part of that work is the strong participation by ABI members in the development of and advocacy for policies that help Iowa’s Business and Industry grow. The annual policy development process was completed at this month's board meeting, and over 300 members participated in one or more venues throughout the state. That is terrific participation and it sets the stage for the real work that follows. That is communication with state administrators and elected officials of both parties all across Iowa.

You and your fellow ABI members are the key reason that ABI has experienced its award-winning public policy success over the past several decades. ABI has been fortunate to have some of the best public policy experts as staff members over the years and the current team of JD Davis and Brad Hartkopf is no exception. But even they tell us that you and your employees are critical to the success to develop this coming year’s policy priorities.

Legislators and state officials want to hear from you. They want to see your operations, meet your employees, and learn about your business. They want to support policies that will help you grow your business and create jobs. The best way to help them do that is to invite them in to your plant. I had the pleasure of hosting Senator Joni Ernst and 30 local business leaders this past May to Jackson Manufacturing here in Maquoketa. Senator Ernst spoke in detail about the national and state labor shortage facing business and industry today. If you have an interest in hosting an elected official, please contact ABI and our policy team can help arrange that.

Thank you for your strong participation in ABI's policy work and thank you in advance for your work with your legislative delegation.

Because this edition of Business Record Iowa is focused on the State of Iowa Manufacturing, allow me to end with a note about the annual ABI Manufacturing Conference and the annual Legends in Manufacturing Awards Dinner. Both events should be on your calendar (they will be held later this month) and I hope to see you there. Please go to www.iowaabi.org to find out more. In the meantime and as always, thank you for your support.