Where to Start in Utilizing Software for Growth

September 13, 2019 | The state of manufacturing Brett Burkhart, Partner, Shift Interactive, brett@interactiveshift.com

Every business is trying to provide a great product or service, be efficient in their operations, be profitable in their execution and gain/ retain good people to get it all done. With workforce being a challenge and technology advancing quickly, now more than ever it’s important to look at software as a solution to getting more done with less.

You can’t do all things at once, so utilize these four steps to get confidently on the path to success with creating software that makes a difference in your business.

  1. Identify Your Greatest Pain Points and Greatest Growth Potential – Make a list of pain points and a list of growth opportunities and rank them in order. Where are you asking your people to do increasingly more with their time or missing out on capturing attainable revenue? In what areas do you see the most opportunity for growth?
  2. Find A Partner You Can Trust – Interview potential development partners for technical competency so that they can utilize the best technology for your need. Interview them for personality fit because creating a software application that drives real results is going to require honesty about both your shortfalls and opportunities, so having a partner you trust is important.
  3. Define Success Up Front – For the pain points or growth areas you’ve decided to target, define specific metrics you are aiming to achieve. While you may not know exactly what is realistic, setting goals and having expectations will help you make decisions throughout the process of building your software application that are tied to outcomes.
  4. Implement in Phases – Just like breaking down annual goals into quarterly goals into monthly goals, you shouldn’t set out to change everything at once. Start by creating small efficiencies or improvements to get an understanding of what’s possible, and you’ll quickly be able to project the impact that a software application can make in your business.