Think Like an Online Marketer to Attract Potential Workforce

June 13, 2022 | Taking Stock of Where We Stand Amid Many Challenges Paul Gormley, Project Manager, CIRAS,

Everybody is challenged in finding a sufficient and qualified workforce. Thinking like an online marketer might give you the boost you need to stand out and find the right people.

To get the right candidates for the right jobs, focus on your target candidate and develop a well-produced 'offer' that is tailored to their specific needs and desires.

  1. Do your research. Understand your organization’s environment, competition, and competitive advantage. Identify your target candidate and what appeals to them. Learn where people in your target market spend their time online.
  2. Target your message. Blanket recruiting messages run the risk of being overlooked in a sea of similar messages. Use research to craft tailored messages that highlight what your ideal candidates are seeking. Go from “opportunities for growth” to “our welders can become supervisors within 2 years”.
  3. Test your message. Start with one job, one message, and one online channel. Did you get applicants from that channel, and did one result in a hire? How did the cost compare to traditional methods? This will help determine if your research aligns with realworld behaviors.
  4. Deploy and iterate on your message. Rely on your research and results. When using new advertising channels, track and compare outcomes and costs. If a channel is not creating results, iterate your message and distribution, then consider shifting to a different channel.

Finding people is not easy but applying some fundamental tools of marketing can get you closer great candidates.