The Iowa Clinic’s South Waukee Campus: New Services, Ambulatory Surgery Center, and Patient Impact

February 19, 2024 | Physician Recruitment, Workforce Lead Healthcare Challenges Jodi Schweiger, Executive Director, The Iowa Clinic,

This month, The Iowa Clinic will open the doors to their new South Waukee campus at 1025 Southeast Tallgrass Lane in Waukee. Jodi Schweiger, Executive Director of Business Development at The Iowa Clinic, answers your questions about the new facility.

What Services Will be Offered at this New Location?

The Iowa Clinic is uniquely positioned to bring our model of family-focused, highly coordinated care to a larger location in Waukee. Conveniently located near Interstate 80, we hope to improve the lives of area residents and neighboring suburbs with quality medical providers across our 40+ specialties. Our South Waukee Campus will offer primary care, urgent care, physical therapy and radiology in addition to several other specialties and our ambulatory surgery center.

What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

The ambulatory surgery center (or ASC) provides a convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective option for patients needing outpatient surgery. Procedures such as tonsil removal, appendix removal, ACL repair, colonoscopies, and more will be available at the ASC, meaning patients will not have to be hospitalized and can go home shortly after their procedure. Additionally, having a procedure completed at an ASC versus a traditional hospital setting can reduce the cost by 40-60% for patients.

Additionally, the facility will be home to a catheterization laboratory. This cath lab will offer a much more convenient and inexpensive option for patients needing minimally invasive heart surgeries and procedures. 

Why is This New Facility Needed?

While those living in the metro may have convenient access to healthcare, there is a definite need for those living in more rural areas. Because the South Waukee facility is located just off Interstate 80, patients traveling from other communities will have the convenient option to see their primary care provider, specialist, or have their outpatient procedure completed in one location without having to travel through the busy metro.

I’m Currently an Iowa Clinic Patient. Will My Provider be Changing Locations?

To best serve our patients, some of our providers will be transitioning to the new South Waukee campus. If your provider(s) is moving, you will receive updated information in the mail. 

If your provider is changing locations and you have a previously scheduled appointment, it will be automatically transferred to your provider’s new location. There is no need to reschedule. 

All other systems and insurance accepted will remain the same as our other locations. 

How Will this New Facility Impact Appointment Wait Times?

One of our goals with this new location is to increase access to our providers. We will be adding providers to our team to support this new location and will be able to serve even more patients.

How is The Iowa Clinic Different From Any Other Healthcare Provider in the Metro?

The Iowa Clinic is locally owned by doctors living and working in the communities we serve. Why does this matter? Because decisions about patient care are determined by you and your physician, not a larger corporate entity. Independence and control of patient care brought us together in 1994, and it’s what keeps us together today.

When Will the New South 

Waukee Campus Open?

Our first appointments will take place on February 26! In the coming months, we will begin adding and transitioning new services to this location including our on-site laboratory and medical imaging. Again, if you are a current patient of The Iowa Clinic and your provider is changing locations, you will be notified before your scheduled appointment. 

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