Members Place a Premium on Education, Learning

September 13, 2019 | The state of manufacturing Cindy Dietz, ABI Chair, Collins Aerospace, Cedar Rapids,

At ABI, our members place a premium on education and learning. In response, the association significantly increased the number of programs and events it holds each year. This was done to give ABI members more opportunities to interact with each other and to ensure that ABI members have the latest information about issues that bring the future in focus and help grow their business.

In any given month, somewhere around Iowa, you will find ABI programming activities. Public policy events, Foundation programs, technical seminars, peer groups and the Connecting Statewide Leaders series are a few examples of these programs. I hope you and your employees take time to visit and click on the Events button to find the latest offerings in your area.

ABI members also value the opportunity to share best practices and learn from each other. One topic that is often discussed is the state of manufacturing in Iowa and the nation. That topic is the focus of this month’s cover story.

As a final note, last month’s annual policy committee meetings drew near record attendance. These meetings are a key step in the policy development process, giving ABI members a role in setting an aggressive policy agenda for our organization each year. That kind of participation, which involves hundreds of members, is a chief reason for ABI’s decades-long public policy success. On behalf of the board, a big thank you to you and your employees for taking an active role in the policy process in particular, and the association in general. Your support and participation make all the difference in ABI’s success.