Iowa Young Professionals Invited to Annual Conference on Aug. 25

August 14, 2023 | Ten Leaders to Know Jessi McQuerrey, Director of Programs, ABI Foundation,

Here in Iowa, we are embarking on a new era of progress and innovation, powered by the indispensable contributions of our young professionals. These talented individuals are entering and making waves in our workforce, infusing fresh perspectives into every industry, and driving transformative growth and sustainable development. 

Equally important is the radiating impact that our young professionals are making throughout Iowa outside of the workplace. Not only are they invigorating local initiatives and fostering a sense of unity – but their presence is key to ensuring that cities and regions across our state, both rural and urban, continue to thrive as welcoming, vibrant communities, full of opportunities for both new and lifelong citizens. 

Iowa young professionals are speaking up and raising their hands with a desire to create positive change, and one of the best opportunities we have is to listen.

One way in which young professionals are fostering a culture of community across Iowa is through young professional organizations. These may be cultivated through local chambers or other established organizations, or simply by way of individual efforts after recognizing a need for emerging leaders to have more opportunities, peer support, and an organized way in which they can apply their skills and talents.

At ABI and with through our Foundation programs, we are all about developing Iowa’s current and future leaders. In my time as Director of Programs for the ABI Foundation, I’ve been fortunate to be involved with many outside organizations that are complementary to the programs we run. One organization is Young professionals of Iowa.

This year, YP Iowa, a nonprofit organization created to connect and support our state’s young professionals and young professional organizations, will be hosting a one-day summit open to all Iowa young professionals. Attendees will be provided with opportunities to learn from other thought and industry leaders and gain valuable insight for personal and professional growth. They’ll have the chance to attend informative sessions, participate in interactive workshops, and connect with peers from across the state.

Consider joining this exciting day, or sharing this opportunity with your local YP chapter or young leaders in your organization to ensure your community is represented: 

When: Friday, August 25; 9:00am-4:15pm

Where: FFA Enrichment Center in Ankeny, Iowa

Cost: $85 (includes lunch and optional networking breakfast)

Who: Typical YP age-range is considered 21-40, but all are welcome to join and learn. College student-leaders are also welcome.

To Register: Visit and click “Register Today” under the Annual Conference details.

Join us in embracing and fostering the boundless potential of our state’s young professionals. By doing so, our state gains a dynamic force, propelling Iowa toward a prosperous future driven by the tenacity and ingenuity of our emerging leaders.