Hear It From Iowa Students: How Your Leadership Impacts Our Current and Future Workforce

March 11, 2021 | Taking Care of Business Conference McKenzie Kielman, Marketing & Engagement Coordinator, ABI Foundation, mkielman@iowaabi.org

When asking for the support of Iowa leaders in providing leadership programs for students, we’re appreciative of the overwhelming response we receive from leaders in a variety of occupations and industries. In return, we would like to share the impact of the business community.

These are quotes from students about their perspective of themselves and our state’s businesses after attending our five-day programs:

“I now see how Iowans care and support each other through business.”

“It's really motivating to know that people I've never even met are rooting for me and invested in my future.”

“It gives me comfort that we're not truly on our own; businesses do want to help us succeed.”

“[Our leaders] helped me recognize my strengths and how I can contribute to a business.”

It doesn’t take a certain job title or location to be involved. Currently, a way anyone can help is to spread the word about the programs within your sphere of influence. Consider the students you are connected to through family, friends, colleagues and the organizations you’re involved in.

You can nominate students to participate through each program’s respective website, Business Horizons for high school students (www.BusinessHorizonsIowa.com) and Leadership Iowa University for college students (www.LeadershipIowaUniversity.com). We also encourage supporters to provide the program’s information to your network through email, newsletters or social media.

It is often encouragement like yours that allows our reach to expand to new leaders and new communities. Your support of the ABI Foundation’s programs makes a difference in the lives of Iowans as a non-profit providing statewide educational leadership opportunities. Thank you for the leadership you provide in our state.