Get Engaged With ABI’s 2022 Public Policy Process

June 9, 2021 | Iowa Businesses Show Resilience During Pandemic Brad Hartkopf, Director - Public Policy, Iowa Association of Business and Industry,

The first session of the 89th Iowa General Assembly has concluded. Lawmakers are back in their districts, lobbyists are reporting results of the legislative session to their clients and having conversations as to what might be in store for 2022. This is no different for ABI as members have an opportunity to attend regional meetings, learn about the results of the session for the business community and offer input on what ABI should be focusing on in the future.

ABI’s public policy process is one that is grassroots-driven and controlled directly by members. We have five public policy committees that can meet year-round, but will specifically convene during the month of August to walk through, review and potentially amend existing policies under each pertinent committee. The committees are Economic Growth, Employment & Workforce, Environment, Tax and Workplace & Product Safety. Any individual of an ABI member company is welcome to join the committee(s) and participate. After the committees meet and provide recommendations for next year’s policies, the Legislative Committee then considers them and also initiates what the priorities will be. The final step in the policy process is when the Board of Directors meets in September to review and ultimately approve the policies and priorities for the coming year.

ABI’s public policy team is most effective when members provide feedback and ideas to us. If your company has a policy issue or regulation that is burdensome and needs to be addressed, please relay that to us so we can help. Our job is to work for you and ensure that Iowa has the best business climate possible for job creators who are focused on growth and opportunity for Iowans.

If you would like to join one or more of the public policy committees or have input on policies that we should prioritize, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Your support of ABI is invaluable and allows us to continue our role as the Voice of Iowa Business.

• JD Davis; Vice President, Public Policy -; 515-979-1212

• Brad Hartkopf; Director, Public Policy -; 712-249-8589