Five Ways to Support “Made in Iowa” this Holiday Season

December 10, 2021 | Holiday Gift Giving - Iowa Style Mike O’Donnell, Associate Director, Iowa State University CIRAS,

We all know buying local is great for the economy and people of Iowa. Buying products manufactured here is even better thanks to the “multiplier effect” that a manufacturer has on the local economy. And if you can’t find something made in Iowa, made in the USA still provides significant benefits!

Finding the perfect gift is hard. Finding the perfect give that is made close to home can be harder. Here are some ways to up your gift-giving game.

1. When looking at gifts, use google to see if a similar gift is made in Iowa. Instead of searching for “baby rattle”, try “baby rattle made in Iowa”

2. If you already know what product you want, consider purchasing direct from the manufacturer. Many manufacturers provide direct sales through their website.

3. Ask! When you are shopping at a store, simply ask if they have any Iowa-made products.

4. Flip it over. Even if it looks like a product made here, look for the fine print on the box and make sure it says Made in USA.

5. When shopping online, look for a filter for “Made in USA” products. Depending on the product category, many online retailers have an option to show American-made products. If you are looking for ideas, keep an eye on for our annual Made in Iowa gift list.