Empower Your Employees To Be Health Care Smart

August 11, 2017 | Rethinking shop and trade classes Dave Daniel, Sales Director, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield, danield@wellmark.com

Did you know that employees who feel well-educated on their health benefits are more likely to regard their company as a good place to work? In fact, according to a recent study from the Employee Benefit Research Institute, this is true regardless of what’s actually included in the benefits package. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it.

Your company invests in both its people and its health plan, so here are a few tips to help increase the return on your investment and help employees get the most from their health benefits:

Talk early and often. Talk to your employees about their health benefits throughout the year, not only when it’s time for open enrollment. A steady stream of dialogue throughout the year on topics from the value of the benefits you offer to general education on how those benefits work will ultimately empower your employees to be smarter health care consumers.

Remember one size doesn’t fit all. Your employees are unique people with individ-ual preferences and needs. Don’t assume that a single flyer or email about their benefits is going to suffice. Provide a variety of communication pieces, including printed materials, videos, articles and lunch and learns on your company’s intranet to encourage your employees to take control of their health care dollars.

Listen up. Do you know what your employees actually think of their health benefits? Have you asked them? Encourage your employees to give regular feedback. Taking the time to listen now can pay dividends when it comes to company culture and employee retention.

If you need educational resources, reach out to your health insurance carrier. By offering your employees more insights into how their benefits work and why, you can give them the power to be smart, informed health care consumers.