An Inside Look at the 2019 Legislative Session

January 11, 2019 | A new slate David Bywater, ABI Chair, Bankers Advertising/Tru Art,

While 2018 was a busy and productive year at ABI, successful organizations are always looking ahead. One of the things ABI is looking ahead to is the 2019 session of the Iowa General Assembly. This edition of ABI’s monthly journal is focused on the upcoming session and on business issues that will be considered by the Iowa Legislature this year.

We know our legislators and we engage with them often. This includes inviting them into our plant. We appreciate their public service and we follow their votes. Our purpose is to make sure they understand the impact of policy changes on our business. We know they want to grow Iowa and that will be a focus of the 2019 session. I hope you follow these practices, too.

Not just during session, but all year long, one great resource for objective, nonpartisan information about the candidates and issues is found at is ABI’s award-winning voter resource and issues website.

Go to to find information about candidates, see candidate videos and learn about issues. You can also find information about your local officials and a great deal of other data and information.

Finally, in just a few days, ABI will hold its second-largest annual event, the association’s annual Legislative Briefing and Reception. Over 500 Iowa business people and elected officials will participate. ABI’s largest annual event is the annual conference. The 2019 ABI Taking Care of Business Conference will be held in Ames June 4-6. See you there!