ABI-Supported Radio Program Shares Iowa Success Stories

October 9, 2020 | Fostering an engaged electorate in the workplace Jeff Stein, Host, Iowa Business Report, radio@totallyiowa.com

Whether a multi-generation, family-owned manufacturer...an entrepreneur making her dream of a start-up become reality...or a new owner taking an established company in wider directions...the success stories of Iowa’s businesses are compelling.

Each week, the “Iowa Business Report” radio program tells the stories of Iowa business and industry, detailing economic trends, profiling businesses, and examining the factors that impact the state’s growth and development. The centerpiece of the program is made up of interviews with business leaders, economists, professional development experts and others who contribute to the dynamic and diverse blend making up Iowa’s economic drivers.

The half-hour radio program airs on some of Iowa’s most respected radio stations, including WMT in Cedar Rapids, KXEL in Waterloo/ Cedar Falls, KASI in Ames/Des Moines, KMA in Shenandoah, KGLO in Mason City, KFJB in Marshalltown, KSCJ in Sioux City, KROS in Clinton, KALA in Davenport, KXIC in Iowa City, KFVD in Fort Dodge and KSIB in Creston.

Sponsored by the Iowa Association of Business and Industry, the radio program is also available as a podcast, along with extended interviews that are only available online.

Listen to podcasts of the “Iowa Business Report” by going to www.totallyiowa.com and clicking on the radio programs link, or by subscribing to any of the popular podcast platforms, including iHeart, Apple, Google, Stitcher, Spotify and TuneIn. Podcasts are also posted at www.iowaabi.org.

Jeff Stein is a 40-year broadcasting veteran who produces and hosts the “Iowa Business Report” each week through his company, Totally Iowa Media. He welcomes suggestions for the weekly IBR Business Profile, as well as ideas for program topics generally. He can be reached at radio@totallyiowa.com.