ABI is Ready for 2018

December 8, 2017 | Working together: Companies, Iowa schools mutually benefit from partnerships Nicole Crain, Senior Vice President, Public Policy, ABI, ncrain@iowaabi.org

In less than a month, the 150 members of the Iowa Legislature will convene in Des Moines. Jan. 8, 2018, is the start of the scheduled 100-day second session of the 87th General Assembly. Each year, this column focuses on ABI member companies’ goals for the legislative session.

A member-driven organization, ABI’s 2018 legislative priority reflects the goals and challenges of business and community leaders in Iowa’s 99 counties. As the organization that represents more than 330,000 working Iowans, it’s fitting that ABI members have continually prioritized workforce as the number one issue for Iowa businesses. For Iowa to be competitive and increase the number of skilled workers, we support the following:

  • Focus on public-private partnerships such as Elevate Advanced Manufacturing and Home Base Iowa.
  • Collaborate with Future Ready Iowa on recommendations that focus on upskilling Iowa’s workforce.
  • Encourage a competitive tax climate that will provide businesses with opportunities to invest and allow employees to keep more of their own money in their pockets.
  • Streamline and modernize Iowa’s laws and regulations, which will give small businesses the ability to grow and operate in a competitive, global marketplace.
  • Advance legislation that protects and improves the quality of our state’s natural resources, while supporting business and industry growth and improving the quality of life for all Iowans.

We hope you will join us in 2018 and take time to engage and invite your local legislators into your office. Help them understand what your company does and allow them to meet those who make us successful—our qualified, dedicated team members. The first opportunity to engage with policymakers is at the annual ABI Legislative Reception, which takes place on Jan. 10. It’s not too late to register!