ABI Board Sets 2022 Legislative Priorities

November 12, 2021 | Grateful: Showing Gratitude in Business JD Davis, Vice President, Public Policy, Iowa Association of Business and Industry,

As this edition is about what Iowa business leaders are thankful for, your public policy team would like to extend our thanks for the opportunity to represent your company and your employees with policymakers at the Capitol and within state agencies. It is an honor to pursue the policy goals of the Iowa Association of Business and Industry’s 1500 members companies and their 330,000 employees as directed through member input in our policy development process.

The ABI public policy team will work for the adoption of policies within four main priority areas. They are:


ABI supports innovative solutions and incentives to help businesses and employees overcome barriers to employment, such as childcare and adequate and available workforce housing. ABI supports legislative efforts to recruit, retrain and retain talent in the state. Recent levels of high unemployment have highlighted the need for unemployment insurance trust fund reform. ABI encourages the Legislature to continue funding Future Ready Iowa, work-based learning opportunities, apprenticeship programs, and other initiatives that will help upskill our existing workforce and prepare students for the careers of tomorrow. Further, as part of ensuring a qualified workforce, ABI encourages the Legislature to maintain policies that are conducive to safe workplaces and that allow employers to address drug and alcohol use.

Tax Reform

While some progress has been made, Iowa’s business tax climate is not competitive. ABI continues to support efforts to make Iowa’s tax system more competitive while retaining provisions that encourage economic growth and job creation. ABI supports legislation that will reduce Iowa’s individual and corporate income tax rates and complexity.


In order for businesses to compete in a global economy, Iowa must have quality infrastructure that supports moving people, products and information across the state and throughout the world. ABI encourages the Legislature to take action to encourage private sector investments, and public-private partnerships in rural and urban areas that will help maintain Iowa’s economic competitiveness.

Regulatory Reform

ABI members strive to comply with a wide scope of regulations at the local, state and federal levels. These regulations can often overlap, be outdated or are overly burdensome. Therefore ABI supports:

• Streamlining permitting requirements and processes, in particular environmental, reducing cost and time for businesses and the state.

• Modernizing notification requirements for employment drug testing.

• Reviewing and eliminating policies and regulations that hinder small business expansion.

Again, thanks for the opportunity to serve Iowa’s business interests as we look to 2022. By continuously advocating for pro-growth entrepreneurial priorities like those above, ABI ensures a future of opportunity for Iowa employers and their employees.