A Look Ahead at the Iowa Legislature

January 8, 2021 | Dollars and cents Steven M. Bradford, ABI Chair, HNI Corporation, Muscatine,

January is a key month for most businesses. While it may or may not be the start of a fiscal year, the beginning of a new year on the calendar always brings opportunities to move your business forward.

That is also true at ABI. We are excited about the year ahead as ABI continues to move forward. In 2021, you will see ABI continue its award-winning public policy work. And, with your help and with strong action by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and members of the General Assembly, we anticipate Iowa will have a very successful legislative session. In that regard, this edition of Business Record Iowa is focused on the top business issues to be addressed during the upcoming legislative session.

Also in 2021, you'll see ABI continue its aggressive programming to bring value to your business and to your bottom line. Just as importantly, you will see even more great things from the ABI Foundation.

One thing you can expect is a fabulous 2021 Taking Care of Business Conference, ABI's 118th annual convention. The conference will be held June 8-10 in Coralville/Iowa City, and you will want to mark your calendars now for this spectacular event.

Finally, as the new year begins, I would note that ABI enjoyed a strong 2020. Despite challenges faced by members and the association related to the COVID-19 pandemic and the August derecho, among others, ABI ended the year stronger than ever. That is thanks to your support and we never take that support for granted. Thank you.