4 Simple Ways to Encourage Employees to Focus on Their Mental Health

September 9, 2022 | Iowa Manufacturing Audrey Faber, G&A Partners/Focus OneSource, afaber@focusonesource.com

Stress and poor mental health can take a toll on employees and may result in negative outcomes including decreased productivity, communication challenges, and loss of physical ability to perform tasks. Increasing awareness of mental health in the workplace can create a more inviting environment for employees– here are 4 simple ways to encourage employees to focus on their mental health!

  1. Promote EAP Benefits Frequently Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) provide resource that help employees cope with a variety of stressors both at work and at home. EAPs are confidential and employees can freely discuss their concerns with their EAP representatives.
  2. Check in with Your Employees Regularly Checking in with employees allows employers the opportunity to assess how everyone is doing. Employers can encourage employees to take advantage of their benefits by frequently promoting the EAP and any additional available resources.
  3. Help Promote a Healthy Work-Life Balance Encourage employees to take advantage of holiday and vacation time. Taking a break can be refreshing and re-energizing.
  4. Discuss Mental Health in the Workplace Openly talking about mental health may help reduce the stigma. Employees who feel more comfortable about their mental health are more likely to seek out help, which can lead to proper treatment.

So, where to begin? Engaging the help of an employee wellness program or wellness committee is a great way to start promoting mental health awareness among employees. We encourage you to start implementing these four ideas to create a more inviting space for your entire company!