LI CONNECT: Engaging the Next Generation of Iowa's Leaders

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Leadership Iowa is providing a panel to feature how to create community impact through participation in Leadership Iowa. This session will feature a panel of three program alumni who will share their experiences from Leadership Iowa involvement, takeaways, and next steps to keep leadership growing and impacting your business, community and personal development. Join in for a conversation about how to reignite that spark that you felt during your Leadership Iowa experience and identify ways to engage others to participate in this impactful program. Featured panelists include Barb Baker (LI '11-12, Grinnell Mutual), Nick Smith (LI '17-18, Musco Lighting) and Shelly Greving (LI '11-12, Emerge Marketing Solutions).

Register now for the call information at! LI CONNECT is provided by the Leadership Iowa Alumni Society. Thank you to Shelly Greving (LI '11-12, Emerge Marketing Solutions) for hosting as the Leadership Iowa board's northwest Iowa regional representative.