Building Business Value – Strengthen & Harvest Company Value While Leaving a Lasting Legacy

  • DateDecember 6, 2018
  • Time 01:15 PM
  • LocationOskaloosa, IA
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No matter how young and vibrant you feel, you will eventually want to retire and enjoy the benefits of your hard work. When that day arrives, you should have a solid exit plan in place to successfully leave the business on your terms, set the minds of your employees and clients at ease and help your chosen successor take the reins with confidence.

This program will help individuals assess and take action on some of the questions below:

      • Do you have a plan for the future of your business…Do you know what your exit goals are?
      • Are there gaps between your current situation and your desired situation?
      • Are you prepared for both the planned events and potential unplanned events?
      • Does your culture and total compensation support your largest asset – your people?
      • Do you have a strong strategy for the 4 R’s: Recruit – Retain – Reward – Retire?

This program is centered around three main topics: (1) Building Business Value  (2) Legacy Planning  (3) Execution