For Students

Driven. Empowered. Inspired.

Business Horizons is not your typical "summer camp." Over the course of five days, you will be driven to accomplish goals and tasks with a team of other students, empowered to take charge, make decisions and lead, and inspired with new ideas and direction for your successful future.

Each summer, 75+ high school students (grades 9-12) from across the state come together on a college campus to take part in the five-day Business Horizons experience. The week is jam-packed with team-based activities and competitions with an entrepreneurial twist – all designed to help you develop your leadership skills, discover your strengths, prepare for college and your career, gain experience and so much more! 

What to Expect

Any former Business Horizons participant will tell you that you won’t fully know what to expect until you dive in and experience it for yourself. This is a week full of new and different opportunities that result in many benefits you’ll gain from attending. Below is a sneak peek at some of the highlights of your week at Business Horizons:

Day 1

  • Meet the Iowa professionals who will be your mentors and advisors for the week.
  • Get to know your team of 10-12 other students through fun team-building activities.
  • Hear from a dynamic expert speaker on using your creativity to your advantage.
  • Engineer a product (using some unconventional materials) and give your first pitch!
  • Spend time getting to know all of the other participants from across the state

Day 2

  • Hear from Iowa professionals about what makes Iowa a great place to live and work.
  • Begin making important decisions through the business simulation challenge.
  • Take on the roles of project manager, marketing strategist, chief financial officer or others.
  • Strategize how to beat the competition for best infomercial, investor presentation and product.
  • Attend an action-packed evening activity with your new friends!

Day 3

  • Visit a local company and learn about a variety of career opportunities.
  • Discover your personal communication style and how best to work with others.
  • Learn important life tips like how to manage your finances in college and beyond.
  • Get interviewed by the Media Track while putting a final coat of paint on your product.
  • Take off on another “After-Hours” excursion with the group!

Day 4

  • Get the inside scoop from HR professionals on how to get hired in the future.
  • Finish filming and editing your infomercial for the final showing.
  • Connect with successful Iowa entrepreneurs and hear their career stories.
  • Put finishing touches on your product, presentation and Trade Show materials.
  • Take it easy and have some laughs for your final night at BH!

Day 5

  • Pitch your product to a panel of actual entrepreneurs and investors.
  • Sit back and enjoy infomercials featuring all of the products, including your own creation!
  • Show off your hard work to family and friends at the BH Trade Show.
  • Celebrate at the graduation ceremony, where you find out who will take home top honors!
  • Say good-bye to your team and all of your great, new friends after the best week of your summer.

What’s In It for YOU

Business Horizons is not just for students interested in business. This is a program for any forward-thinking student, regardless of career interest. Each student who attends gains something different from the experience. During your time at Business Horizons, you’ll have countless opportunities to:

  • CONNECT with new friends and Iowa professionals from across the state
  • DISCOVER how your personal strengths and leadership skills can benefit you and a team
  • LEARN valuable life lessons for personal and professional success
  • EXPLORE life on a college campus and set goals for the future
  • GAIN experience to set yourself apart on applications and in interviews
  • As an added BONUS, all attendees can earn college credit! (More information on in our FAQ.)

Next Steps

Think Business Horizons might be right for you? Here are your next steps:

  1. Complete the application form (available Jan. 1).
  2. Submit your application and participation fee to the ABI Foundation either electronically or by mail using the information listed on the form.
  3. Watch your mail! You’ll soon receive an acceptance packet with additional information. Please allow additional time for processing and shipping.

For more information and any questions you may have at this time, be sure to visit our FAQ page or contact us. We hope to have you with us this summer!