ABI, Urbandale Chamber announce new alliance for small businesses

November 25, 2014

ABI and Urbandale Chamber announce new alliance for small businesses

The Iowa Association of Business and Industry and the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce are introducing a new initiative that will increase value to Urbandale Chamber members while expanding ABI’s membership to allow for greater communication with small businesses.

The ABI/Urbandale Chamber Alliance will begin in January and provide an affiliate ABI membership for all Urbandale Chamber members with fewer than 25 employees. As members, those businesses will receive discounted rates to ABI events, access to grassroots advocacy tools, ABI government relations services and expanded statewide business networking and educational opportunities.

“The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce is very excited about our new partnership with ABI,” said John Irving, director of business development at Baker Electric and 2014 Urbandale Chamber of Commerce President. “A member can use the programming, educational and networking opportunities for both organizations to help their own companies grow and build their brand.”

For ABI, the alliance offers an opportunity reach an audience that will benefit from the programming and advertising ABI offers but may not have the funds in their current budget or time to invest in the organization.

“Businesses with fewer than 20 employees make up 85 percent of Iowa’s employment base. This is an incredibly important segment of Iowa’s business population. We want them to have a voice in statewide business issues as well as access to programs and services that will help them compete globally,” said Leisa Fox, senior vice president for revenue and programs.

The ABI/Urbandale Chamber Alliance is serving as a pilot program that could be rolled out to other chamber organizations throughout the state at a later date.


About ABI: The Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI) has been the voice of Iowa business since 1903, and its mission is to collectively provide a strong, unified voice to business and industry on issues impacting Iowa employers. ABI is currently comprised of approximately 1,400 Iowa members of all types and sizes in all 99 counties employing more than 310,000 Iowans. 

About the Urbandale Chamber of Commerce: The Urbandale Chamber of Commerce is a membership-based business organization that serves its membership and business community by promoting economic development, business growth and a high quality of life. The Urbandale Chamber is currently comprised of 722 member businesses employing more than 19,657 Iowans.  Approximately 60% of the membership is physically located in Urbandale with 40% located outside of Urbandale.